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     Fishing is widely considered a low-stress, relaxing sport or hobby. It is the perfect activity for anyone looking to get outdoors, who enjoys being on the water, and has a fair bit of patience. This is probably not the best choice for anyone in a hurry, as most of the time; the fish won't bite until they are good and ready! Fishing is also not very strenuous, unless you catch a really big fish, or one that puts up a fight. People fish for a variety of reasons; some fish for sport, attempting to catch fish of considerable size and speed, sometimes in fairly difficult conditions, in the quest for recognition and bragging rights. Others fish for food. Fresh fish is extremely tasty and very good for you depending on how it is cooked. Lots of people on camping trips enjoy catching fresh fish to cook over the campfire. Many people fish simply for recreational purposes. For others, fishing is their livelihood. Those involved in research practice tag-and-release fishing, which requires microchipping or scientifically tagging any fish caught, then releasing them back into the water in hopes that they might be recovered in the future, and the tags may have recorded valuable scientific data.

     With fishing, the importance is placed on preparation. You have to select the appropriate sports equipment for the type of fish you are trying to catch, as well as the appropriate bait or lure. The line has to be cast properly too. The way you prepare your equipment could mean the difference between catching a fish and watching it escape. Due to extensive contact with water, your fishing equipment must be properly cleaned and maintained. Water, especially from lakes or ponds, contains a lot of bacteria and potentially harmful germs. For this reason, your equipment needs to be meticulously looked after, especially if you are in the habit of eating what you catch.