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Tackle boxes

     Tackle boxes are extremely essential to have on hand. Compartmentalized for organization, they store your lures, reels, hooks, knives, maps, etc. You should choose one with double the space of your anticipated storage needs. Make sure there are sufficient compartments for everything you need, and also that the compartments are of different sizes (you will need a few larger compartments for things like large lures, a flashlight, etc.). It always helps if your tackle box is waterproof, and therefore you should think twice about substituting a proper tackle box for a regular tool storage box. Other things you might want to include in your tackle box are a waterproof first-aid kit (soggy bandages are never a good idea!), matches in a sealed, waterproof container, and a flashlight with extra batteries.


     Waterproof garments providing additional storage. Storing a few of your immediate needs, such as lures, in your vest will save you the hassle of searching through your tackle box for them. Ensure that your vest is indeed waterproof, with Velcro straps. Make sure that the pockets open from the top and not the sides. That way there is less of a chance that anything will fall out.